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    I have a page that grabs an html file and through ASP&#039;s file scripting sends out the page inside the site borders.<BR><BR>The page filename is accessed through a database, so I cannot use the include script to display the HTML.<BR><BR>The problem is when the the content of the page is generated through ASP words are scrunched together and other visual errors occur. Does anyone know how to fix this, or have a better way of displaying html files (originally created in word) through ASP?

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    ...show the code you are using.<BR><BR>But I *doubt* that ASP is modifying anything in the HTML.<BR><BR>It is more likely that the *other* HTML, surrounding this chunk, is placing limits on its display.<BR><BR>The best thing to do is<BR>(1) bring the generated page up in the browser<BR>(2) Click on the VIEW menu<BR>(3) Click on the SOURCE menu item<BR>(4) Compare the HTML you see in the editor (probably Notepad) with what is in the file on disk. If the contents are the saem, then ASP has nothing to do with the problem. If there *are* differences, then show examples of some of them to us.<BR><BR>

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