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    I have the following for an insert stored procedure. I have tried to modify it to make it a delete sp as well, but I haven&#039;t had any success. This example looks in one table(field1) and if a value in another table (field1) is not present, it inserts it.<BR>INSERT INTO _tbl_ACL_Devices<BR> (DeviceName)<BR>SELECT DISTINCT Name<BR>FROM ACLDevices<BR>WHERE (Name NOT IN<BR> (SELECT DeviceName<BR> FROM _tbl_ACL_Devices))<BR><BR>I want to do the same with delete. If a value is not in Table1(field1) but it is in Table2(field1), I want to delete it from Table2(field1).

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    delete from table2 where field1 not in (select field1 from table1)

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