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    Does anyone know of a way of running a page which takes say 10 seconds to execute, then writes the results? What I mean is:<BR><BR>A user sends a request for an asp page<BR>10 seconds later, the page loads with response.write "hello". <BR>Is there a way of programming "wait 10 seconds then response.write"<BR><BR>I realise this is a strange request, but I have my reasons!

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    Default Not natively. Not advanced, either.

    No, ASP is designed to execute as quickly as possible, so it doesn&#039;t have any "waiting" functionality.<BR><BR>You can use a loop (EXCEPTIONALLY BAD - will KILL the server), or an external component (www.aspin.com has a list), but even these are bad performance-wise.<BR><BR>The BEST way is to use JavaScript to, say, open a popup in 10 seconds and make the page THAT hits run your code. You shouldn&#039;t "wait" in ASP.<BR><BR>Craig.

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