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    Hi all<BR><BR><BR>i have got a shopping cart , and i need 2 b able 2 filter out the order that the users have made for email purposes and so far i havent been successfull.<BR><BR>so i have thought of another way , is it possible 2 have a textbox that whenever the user enters the page it increments by one , and then i can use this number form the textbox as the orderid<BR><BR>Is this possible or is there a better way , because my main problem is filtering for that specific record it always returns the 1st record all the time.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default is 'to' such

    a big word you need to type 2 instead?<BR><BR>to be able to isn&#039;t that hards is it?<BR><BR>Now to your problem, I&#039;m not sure what you mean. Couldn&#039;t you use a database with an autoincrement id field?

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