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    Hi,<BR><BR>Thanx for trying to help me.<BR><BR>I have created an active X component in VB & am trying to use that component in ASP . for this to work in all machines ahould the Active X component be created in the server? or is there any other method.<BR><BR>The problem is , it&#039s working well in my machine but when i try to open the asp page in another machine i&#039m not able to open up that control. Please help immediately.<BR><BR>--karen

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    If it is an Activex Control It has to be registered on the Client machine.If its a DLL it &#039s not required. If u want to try out an ActiveX control USE ActiveXDocument EXE/DLL. It works on IE definetly I&#039m trying to display it in Netscape as well but Still in the Process

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