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    Once I have passed the values from one asp to another how to I display the values to the client

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    If you have sent them via a form using the POST method then<BR>you would use this:<BR><BR>variable = request.form("whatever")<BR>response.write(variabl e)<BR><BR><BR>If you sent them via a querystring or using the<BR>GET method the use this:<BR><BR>variable = request.querystring("whatever")<BR>response.write( variable)<BR><BR>hope this helps.

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    &#060;%<BR>&#039 This is a comment<BR>Response.Write "Writing the variable"<BR>Response.Write strVariable<BR>&#039 This is also a comment<BR>&#037;&#062;<BR><BR>Or in HTML<BR><BR>&#060;Strong>&#060;%=strVariable&#037; &#062;&#060;/Strong>

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