apostrophies messing up sql queries

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Thread: apostrophies messing up sql queries

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    Default apostrophies messing up sql queries

    I&#039;m having a problem with apostrophies within sql statements...<BR>I&#039;m passing a name string which invariably contains an apostrophy(&#039;) to another page which then uses it to form an sql query looking for that name.<BR>Unfortunately the &#039; is causing a syntax error.<BR>Is there a technique where sql knows what you want to send but dresses it as something else?

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    Default Three in one day..

    ...but that&#039;s still not a record. This one was asked at least 5 times in one day a couple of years ago.<BR><BR>***********<BR><BR>There is a link to the ASPFAQs at the top right corner of this very page.<BR><BR>Look in the category "Databases, Errors" for an FAQ related to your question.<BR><BR>The ASPFAQs are your friends. Learn to like your friends.<BR><BR>

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