Hi,<BR><BR>I have a search page, where a user enters a product code and information about a product ,from my SQL 2000 database, is returned. My site is www.blahblah.com<BR><BR>Now a client wants to host this search page on their server, www.hellothere.com. How do I do this without having to send my database and all files associated with this search page to the client.<BR><BR>Ive tried XMLHTTP but when I enter the search code and click &#039;Search&#039; then Dreamweaver opens or I get a message about &#039;Are these files secure, blah, blah, blah&#039;<BR><BR>Here is my search page<BR><BR><BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR> function Search(ADID) {<BR> if (ADID.value == "") {<BR> ADID.focus();<BR> alert("Please enter the store search code");<BR> } else {<BR> callToServer("http://www.blahblah.com/lib/CLHTTP.asp?ADID="+ADID.value);<BR> }<BR> return false;<BR> }<BR><BR> function SearchResult(Result) {<BR> if (Result == "") {<BR> alert("Invalid store search code entered");<BR> } else {<BR> parent.window.location.href="http://www.blahblah.com/"+Result+"&Display=All&State=All";<BR> }<BR> }<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR> Enter the Store Search code <BR> &#060;/font&#062;<BR><BR> &#060;input class="flat" type="text" name="ADID" maxlength="15" style="width:100"&#062; <BR> &#060;input class="flatbutton" type="button" Value="Go" ID="Go" onclick="return Search(document.search.ADID);"&#062;<BR> &#060;/td&#062;&#060;/tr&#062;&#060;tr&#062;<BR><BR><BR>And here is my XMLHTTP page<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> <BR> Dim objXMLHTTP, xml<BR><BR> <BR> Set xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR><BR> ADID = Request("TheAD")<BR><BR> xml.Open "GET", "http://www.blah.com/lib/page.asp?TheAD=" & ADID & "&Display=All&State=All", False<BR> <BR> &#039; Pull the data from the web page<BR> xml.Send<BR><BR> <BR> Response.write "<BR>"<BR> Response.write " Now here&#039;s how the page looks:<BR><BR>"<BR> Response.Write xml.responseText<BR><BR> <BR> Set xml = Nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas of other ways as this is driving me mad<BR><BR>Thanks