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    Is there a free version of this software or a database program that if free and allow me to connect to it thru ASP.<BR><BR>I am a cash strapped student and cannot afford Access but would like to learn web programming with ASP and Access or simular<BR><BR>Thank you in advance

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    Default not free

    but probably REAL cheap for students. But, then again, there is MYSQL which is free, but you need a server to run it I think.<BR>~~Chaotix

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    Default *Can* use Access DB for free

    You don&#039;t need the Access product to create a database. You can easily do that from the ODBC Control Panel (create a System DSN and when it asks you to specify a DB name, ask to create a new one).<BR><BR>Once you have the DB created, you *can* just use SQL statements in ASP to create the tables and load them with data.<BR><BR>It&#039;s not as convenient as using the product, with all its gui bells and whistles, but it lets you learn the basics of SQL quite nicely.<BR><BR>As others have said, another option is MySQL. You can download it and MyODBC (required on Windows) for free. And there are even a couple of gui&#039;s that allow you to work with it *somewhat* the way you can work with Access.<BR><BR><BR>

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