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    Howdy, <BR><BR>Does anyone have a regular expression for VB.NET to <BR>permit all the upper and lower case characters of the <BR>English, French, and Spanish alphabets (including things <BR>like the Spanish nasal n and the French soft c) as well <BR>as the apostrophe?<BR><BR>I can kind of understand how a regular expression works <BR>when I see one but I&#039;m not very good at building them <BR>from scratch.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>--Terry

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    Hey Guys,<BR><BR>This is exactly what I&#039;m searching for... has anyone come across this?<BR><BR>If anyone has advice or sample code on how to permit all the upper and lower case characters of the English, French, and Spanish alphabets that would be GREAT!<BR><BR>I actually need it for ASP/VBScript.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    Default Out of the kindness of my heart...

    ...i did a search and found this for you. Now, i haven&#039;t run full tests on it, but i did check to see if it allowed things like ñ, Ñ, Ä, and ƒ. I would suggest further testing on your parts to make sure it works fully.<BR><BR>Here is the pattern:<BR>^([ u00c0-u01ffa-zA-Z&#039;])+$<BR><BR>~Scott~

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