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    I&#039;ve been trying to track down the maximum amount (number of bytes) of information one can store in an ASP variable and likewise the max size of information that can be stored in one element of an array.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Rob

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    1) Start in the left panel of this page. Click on "VBScript Reference"<BR><BR>2) In the left FRAME of the page that appears, locate "User&#039;s Guide" right under "VBScript" and click on it.<BR><BR>3) In the list of topics that appears in the main frame, click on "VBScript Fundamentals"<BR><BR>4) In the list of fundamentals that appears, click on "VBScript Data Types"<BR><BR>Read.<BR>

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    I&#039;ve never seen the steps more clearly delineated.<BR><BR>&#060;grin size="monstrous" style="s.e." /&#062;<BR><BR>

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