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    Hi!<BR><BR>Does anybody know how to automatically create an email for a certain date that will notify the recipient of a birthday/anniversary/holiday a few days before the actual event??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance...<BR><BR>Jason<BR><BR>

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    You can get some components that allow you to do stuff like this, but if you&#039ve not got the money or access to use components then there is another way.<BR><BR>You can stick a check within your global.asa file on the On_Session_Start Sub. Basically when a user starts a session (visits your site and asks for any asp page) you can get the server to automatically run what ever script you put in here. So you could get your global.asa file to search through a db and send out emails to everyone who has requested them on this day, don&#039t forget to flag then if they have already been sent. This method will work great so long as you get regular visit (at least once daily.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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