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    subashini Guest

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    I am doing a project on online scheduling of appointments.This is <BR>exclusively for booking for radiology tests.there are various time slots for a day and various rooms for the examinations. when the user enters a date and type of examination he should be displayed with a table where roomid&#039s from the table has to be displayed horizontally and sessions for a day vertically where for each session the roomstatus is to be displayed for each roomid.sessions,roomid,status data come from the database.<BR>can anyone help me with a solution for this? i want to display it in a tabular format.<BR>something like below.The duration between sessions depends on time duration for a particular examination depending on the exam he selects. This data also comes from the database.<BR>-----------------------<BR> 1 2 3<BR>-----------------------<BR>9.30 y n <BR>---------------------<BR>10.30<BR>------------------------<BR>11.30

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    Beno Guest

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    I recommend that you create stored procedures for querying the database (where you pass the room,date,hour as params) and just create an Html table, which will be dynamically populated with a loop which will be calling the stored procedure with the appropiate date,hour and room parameters...<BR><BR><BR>Hope you get the idea...

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    subashini Guest

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    Hi beno!<BR>Thanks for the reply. I can write a stored procedure but the problem is whether it is a stored proc or query, I Have to populate my table in a format as this. How is it possible? can you give the code?<BR>This is for a particular date and a particular type of exam which i get from the user <BR><BR> 1 2 3<BR><BR>9.30 y n y<BR><BR>10.30 n y y <BR><BR><BR>here 1, 2,3 are roomids displayed horizontally. 9.30,10.30 till<BR>5.30 are sessions displayed vertically and for each session in a room the status y/n is displayed.

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