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    I have been asked to build what they call a knowledge base(all the data their call centre and front desk need to answer calls and transfer them to the appropriate people) for my local council. I am unsure which type of database to use as I am a novice at databases. Also they want it to run it through their Intranet which I believe may become rather complex. I have been doing some research and supposedly Access 2002 and FrontPage 2002 support these features. Would it be best to use these two programs or does anyone have some suggestions as to what I should do?

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    ...but how come you&#039;ve been tasked with this if you don&#039;t know databases?<BR><BR>Yes, Access should be able to handle something like this, since effectively there will be only one or two users at a time, true? (The call centre and front desk persons.)<BR><BR>You probably don&#039;t *really* need ASP though. If you built the database *and* the query forms all in Access, you could just duplicate the database on each machine and run it right on that machine. You&#039;d only need to update the DB when it changed.<BR><BR>You *could* even share a single database file, though each person who used it would need a copy of Access installed on his/her machine and then would need to be "linked" to the machine with the physical database.<BR><BR>If money is a concern, then you could get away with a single copy of Access by then serving it up via ASP. But if you don&#039;t know ASP, then that&#039;s just another big hurdle to overcome.<BR><BR>

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