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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

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    Is there a way to restrict code (especially an INCLUDE) on an ASP page to be edited, but when run, it will be processed by the server? I am using an online HTML editor called WebEdit which does partly what I want. I include a links page into a generic page and want to restrict the user from being able to edit the links. The links come from an SQL db. Once the page is brought up inside the editor, the server, of course, processes the include and shows the links. I want to hide these or not process the include when inside the editor. Hope it makes sense. Any ideas anybody?

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    coult try setting that include files attributes to read only<BR>might work

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    Default How can we guess?

    Without knowing what WebEdit is doing?<BR><BR>How come you don&#039;t just give the editor only what you want to? It sounds like WebEdit just grabs *all* of the HTML and presents it to the user????<BR><BR>

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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

    Default Don't worry about it...

    Worked it out...sorry.<BR>I detect a session that is set once the admin logs in and display a message &#039;CANNOT EDIT LINKS" instead of the links table. Works well. Normal users can still see all the links. Sorry for the hassle.

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