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    I'm trying to run a query and get a record set in the session_OnEnd() sub in my Global.asa file. I want to email certain user information once the user leaves. I have the email working but as soon as i plug in the code to grab information from a database, it stops working. I don't get any error messages, and the application still works, but the Session_onEnd isn't completing because the last thing i'm doing is sending an email, and i never get the email. I know that certain objects won't work in the session level like that, is the ADODB.Recordset object problematic in the Session_OnEnd() event? Are there ways to use it? I'ave tried a couple of things. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Session_OnEnd is buggy.

    And, from various things that people have reported, what you are finding is exactly that.<BR><BR>The ADODB objects can&#039;t be used, reliably, in the global.asa. You are going to need to find another way of doing what you need to do.

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