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    Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I have a new project and have no idea where to start.<BR><BR>I have basic asp and access skills.<BR><BR>My project sounds simple. Display a table for each day and if there is a sponsor for a tv viewing timeslot - it displays, if there isnt, it displays the timeslot with no data.<BR><BR>The user clicks on the "Week Commencing" they need to access (this is a year in advance) and they see the table.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know how to display the html table if there isnt the same data structure in the table.<BR><BR>If I make an sence at all to anyone, could they please offer some advice.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time :)<BR><BR>Renee :)

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    How about this:<BR>this is just off of the top of my head, but here goes..<BR><BR>DATABASE_________________<BR>3 Tables <BR><BR>1) Timeslots<BR>2) Sponsors<BR>3) Timeslot_Sponsor<BR><BR>Timeslots____________<BR>T imeslotID PK<BR>TimeslotTime INT<BR>TimeslotDay TEXT<BR><BR>Sponsors__________<BR>SponsorID PK<BR>SponsorNAME TEXT<BR><BR>Timeslot_Sponsors<BR>TSID PK<BR>TimeslotID FK INT<BR>SponsorID FK INT<BR>TVShowID FK INT<BR>Episode# INT<BR>DATE DateTime<BR><BR>ok, that should hold all of our data, for the table to display I would have it loop through all of the records for Timeslots, then if there was a sponsor print it there if not print None. <BR><BR>OR, You could create all of the TIMESLOT_SPONSOR slots already, set the sponsor to NONE/NULL, & just change that when a sponsor becomes available. that way you&#039re just displaying a single table. <BR><BR>You could then query that by week or month, conceivably you could even display an entire year (would be large large page)<BR><BR>Scott S<BR> <BR>

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