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    I am using the Microsoft XML object to build XML but have trouble is I try to place a &#062; or less code in the XML. <BR>Code to build.<BR>Set itemNode = xmlDoc.documentElement.appendChild(xmlDoc.createEl ement("ROW")) <BR>Set elemNode = itemNode.appendChild(xmlDoc.createElement("DATAFIE LD"))<BR>elemNode.Text = " 1 &#060; 2 "<BR><BR>The problem is when I get the XML back from the XML object<BR>ALA sXML = xmlDoc.xml<BR>Then I can&#039;t load if back, How can I fix it so the MS object gives me valid XML back with the escape characters in place. I don&#039;t want to build the string up by looping through the objects: (<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>

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    Default Huh?

    What&#039;s the problem?

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    Default Search for CDATA on google

    Use this special tag if you need to store and retrieve special characters in your XmlDocument

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