Hello,<BR><BR>I am calling a sql 7.0 stored procedure (sp) from an active server page(asp). <BR><BR>The sp is a simple insert. I need to read the return the value of the sp in my asp. <BR><BR>If the insert is successful, my return value is coming back correctly (to whatever i set it)....but if there is an error such as a Uniqueness Constraint, I can&#039t get the return code(set in the SP) to come back to the ASP. It comes back blank. (The literature I&#039ve read says that processing should continue in the SP, so you can perform error processing...is that right?)<BR><BR>I set the return var in my ASP as:<BR>objCommand.Parameters.Append objCommand.CreateParameter("return",_<BR>adInteger ,adParamReturnValue,4) <BR>and read it back as:<BR>strReturn = objCommand.Parameters("return").Value<BR><BR><BR>I n my SP I simply do;<BR><BR>INSERT blah blah<BR>if @@error = 0<BR>return(100)<BR>else<BR>return(200)<BR><BR>(I don&#039t ever get back "200", even though I know it&#039s an error)<BR><BR>Any ideas???<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.