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    Hi ya<BR><BR>Any idea why I get an error: ADODB.Recordset error &#039;800a0e78&#039; <BR>Operation is not allowed when the object is closed. <BR><BR>after my performing the SQL I want to close the recordset and the connection to the database. I get the error on the rs.close line.<BR><BR>Here is my code:<BR><BR>set dbcon=Server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")<BR>d osneydsn<BR>set rs=Server.CreateObject("adodb.Recordset")<BR>sqlst mt = "INSERT INTO tblevents (edatestart) VALUES (&#039;" & datestring & "&#039;)"<BR> sqlstmt, osneydsn<BR>rs.close<BR>dbcon.close<BR><BR>thanks< BR>Redeem.

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    You don&#039;t need a recordset. Not for inserts or updates.<BR><BR>set dbcon=Server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")<BR>d osneydsn<BR>sqlstmt = "INSERT INTO tblevents (edatestart) VALUES (&#039;" & datestring & "&#039;)"<BR>dbcon.execute sqlstmt<BR>dbcon.close<BR><BR>Craig.

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