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    Recently you helped me with this query which calculates positions/rankings. It works well but I have the situation where some pages can have the same ranking (e.g. 3 pages all have ranking 10 then the next page would have ranking 13). How do I get around this?<BR><BR>update WL <BR>set previousRanking = ranking, <BR> ranking = (select count(*) + 1 from weblogg <BR> where visits &#062; WL.wisits) <BR>from weblogg WL <BR>

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    What result would you like in this case? <BR><BR>update WL<BR>set previousRanking = ranking,<BR>ranking = (select count(distinct visits) + 1 from weblogg<BR>where visits &#062; WL.wisits)<BR>from weblogg WL <BR><BR>would assign the value 11 to the page following those with rank 10.

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