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    Select * FROM tmpOrderAttr Inner Join sfAttrib ON sfAttrib.attrdtID = tmpOrderAttr.odrattrtmpAttrID WHERE tmpOrderAttr.odrattrtmpID = Session("sessionID")<BR><BR>After the information has been pulled from the database I need to be able to complete the following statement:<BR>If sfAttrib.attrdtName = MP3 do not apply shipping but if there are more than one sfAttrib.attrdtName and one of them does not equal MP3 then apply the shipping to those.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me with how this might work. I am thinking a For each or do while loop. But beyond that I am not sure how to process the information to find out if there are more than one attributes to a particular order. <BR><BR>Erika

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    Default if I comprehend properly....

    Do While Not rs.eof<BR>If rs("attrdtName") &#060;&#062; "MP3" then<BR> &#060;apply shipping&#062;<BR>End If<BR>rs.movenext<BR>Loop

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