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    Ryan S Guest

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    Hey all,<BR><BR> The best way to explain this is to check out<BR><BR> In IE 4.0/5.0, the site downloads fine, no problems. However, you will find that until the images are loaded, the last cell of the table inside the cell is stretched WAY out of proportion. The cell is supposed to be 100 x 100, and not to expand, but sometimes it does.<BR><BR> Under Netscape 4.0+, this is not a problem, because Netscape, after it parses the table, loads the images before displaying the table. Thus, it makes sure the images are not larger than the table, and doesn&#039t expand the table unduly.<BR><BR> I think what is happening is that IE is not recognizing the image size, and thus stretching the table, and then as the image size is determined, it adjusts.. However, this adjustment only happens sometimes, and the result of failure to adjust can leave unsightly tabular artifacts.... <BR><BR> If you are unable to reproduce this, please, let me know, and I&#039ll post some screen shots of the various phases.<BR><BR>God bless<BR> Ryan S (the one and only =)

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    peterjl Guest

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    I see what you mean. However the problem does not seem to occur when the page is re-loaded and the images are in the cache. I think that you could overcome this by pre-loading the images. To pre-load use this code (javascript):<BR><BR> var im=array(window.document.images.count);<BR> for (i=0;i&#060;im.length;i++){<BR> im[i]=new Image();<BR> im[i].src=window.document.images[i].src;<BR> }<BR><BR>plug this code into the onload event of your page and it will preload all the images, and may solve the problem.<BR><BR>Note: I am not sure of the exact syntax of the code as I have done it off the top of my head without auto-complete so you may have to re-work it a little.

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