VARCHAR, Duplicate the first NN (50?) ???

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Thread: VARCHAR, Duplicate the first NN (50?) ???

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    Default VARCHAR, Duplicate the first NN (50?) ???

    Reply to thread<BR><BR><BR>Bill what do you mean by your reply, duplicate the first NN(50?)<BR><BR> could add a VARCHAR field (VARCHAR(50) or so?) and duplicate the first NN (50?) characters of your TEXT field into it. And then ORDER BY that.<BR><BR>You&#039;ve lost me there. Does anyone know what that means?<BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated.<BR>

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    Default I was inconsistent..

    I just meant duplicate the first 50 characters of the TEXT field into the VARCHAR(50) field. Or first 35 characters into a VARCHAR(35) field. Or first NN characters (where NN is a number presumably from 10 to 99) of the TEXT field into a VARCHAR(NN) field.<BR><BR>In other words, you add (example...choose your own size!) a new field to the table:<BR> ShortText VARCHAR(64)<BR>and then, when you do the insert into the table, you use VBS code to insert the LEFT(longtextstuff,64) into that field at the same time you insert all of longtextstuff into the LongText field (that TEXT or NTEXT field).<BR><BR>

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