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    I read through the FAQ&#039;s and I still have a question. :) I want to take advantage of some features that ASP.NET offers (baby steps). But, all of my programming experience is in ASP. Can I leave my ASP script alone and throw in some .NET commands here and there? I think I understand that my file extentions need to be .aspx, but I&#039;m hoping that when I do that, all my original ASP code will still work.<BR><BR>If I missed something in the FAQ&#039;s, I give you permission to viciously make fun of me (just as long as you follow it up with a link to my solution!). :)<BR><BR>Give me your thoughts.

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    A lot of old-school VBScript code will work in ASP.NET Web pages with at most minor tweaks needing to be made. I have authored an article titled:<BR><BR>Converting From ASP to ASP.NET<BR><BR><BR>Check it out. You can take baby steps, and slowly start intermixing ASP and ASP.NET Web pages. hth

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