Hello,<BR><BR>My database contains a table of names of employees and their contact information (things like phone number, location, department name, etc.). I am displaying the employee&#039;s names in a select pull-down. When the user selects a name (they can select one name, and then change their mind and select another name as long as they are on the page), I would like to use the onchange event to display information about the person who has been selected (department name, etc.). <BR><BR>How would I handle this? I have a couple of ideas.<BR>1. Use the onchange event to call a VBScript routine that displays the information (is this possible without Remote Scripting? I don&#039;t believe so - and I don&#039;t know if my server admin will be able to install Remote Scripting before my client needs this project).<BR><BR>2. I used GetRows to copy my database table into a VBScript array. Is it possible to copy the VBScript array to a JavaScript array? I could then write a JavaScript function to access the JavaScript array.<BR><BR>I prefer option #1, if possible, so I don&#039;t have two arrays in memory holding the same data. Thank you for your thoughts!<BR><BR>Kasidy