I&#039;m building a web site that has a basic news system. One page allows the owner of the web site to add a news item by filling out a form with two fields, title and description. A public page displays the news items.<BR><BR>Right now I load the news.xml file into a dataset, add a row to the dataset with the information from the form, then WriteXml.<BR><BR>The problem is that there is virtually no formatting capability. The description can only be plain text. No html - not even new lines! If html is typed into the form asp.net is nice enough to escape the &#060; &#062; characters and such. I&#039;ve tried using CDATA but then nothing is printed on the public news page.<BR><BR>Can someone suggest a way that I can add some formatting capability? I need the equivalent of &#060;br /&#062; at least, and &#060;b&#062;&#060;/b&#062;, &#060;i&#062;&#060;/i&#062; would be nice too. The owner needs to be able to use a form to enter the news items.<BR><BR>Thanks for any suggestions!