I&#039;m a 20 year s/w professional, but a newbie at ASP and would welcome any advice trying to diagnose this problem. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve got IIS configured on XP Pro, my web app is approximately 10 pages with most of them having some web controls. Pages are sequentially ordered with traversal via a submit web control that does nothing more than a response.redirect("nextPageName.aspx"). I&#039;ve enabled session state for most of these pages. Debug is enabled for all of the pages.<BR><BR>My initial development on my LAN seemed to go pretty smoothly until I had friends and family attempt to access these pages over the internet. They would get "hung" on a page without any response from the server. The page each user would get hung on would vary between the users. It wasn&#039;t until I had other users try to access these pages that I too experienced the same behavior locally on my LAN.<BR><BR>I initially suspected some type of inbound connection limit with XP Pro, but after monitering the active inbound network connections , I observed that this behavior would persist with less than 10 connections.<BR><BR>I also monitored the IIS log, posts and gets from the client are being received by IIS, but responses never seem to make it to the client.<BR><BR>Another odd behavior is that although users get hung on different pages, each of them will get hung on same page each time, e.g. user X always gets hung on page 4, while user Y always gets hung on page 6.<BR><BR>I realize this description is fairly high level, and could be caused by a variety of issues; however, I&#039;m looking for any strategies that might help me further diagnose this problem. Any wisdom here appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jim