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    I'm trying to customize Goldmine (GM) for a client. GM has a native DDE interface linked to Word. I don't know how to link it to asp so I figured I'd create a word.application object and call the DDE function from this object. This worked perfectly in a simple vbs script, but in asp I got a "cannot initiate link" error. So I built a dll in VB and had asp just call the object in the dll and the dll created the word.application object which called the DDE function. Same error. (I also made a VB executable which did the same and it worked perfectly, so the problem is with asp not VB). Why doesn't asp like DDE. Please help.

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    Default Two possibilities...

    (1) Did you enable out-of-process calls from ASP? That&#039;s a "metabase" setting. By default it is disabled.<BR><BR>(2) Does GoldMine insist on popping up a window? As if it is running on a client machine? ASP runs window-less, so that might present a problem.<BR><BR>I&#039;d bet on number (1) though. Search MSDN for "allow out of process" or something akin to that.<BR><BR>

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