Is multiple Oracle Homes the answer?

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Thread: Is multiple Oracle Homes the answer?

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    Default Is multiple Oracle Homes the answer?

    We have two databases on our NT 4.0 web server that pertain to two hosted web sites. One database is defined as Western Eurpeoan character set and the other is Unicode (UTF-8) character set. We are now looking to accept Kanji characters into the Unicode database via our ASP pages. I have defined the character set of the ASP page as UTF-8 but the data is entering the database as garbage. I'm thinking that this is happening since the NLS_Lang setting under our Oracle home is Western European. Unfortunately we cannot change this since the other database does not accept unicode. Is there anyway to somehow convert the Unicode to the Western European charset before sending it to the database without the data becoming garbage? Do we need to create a second Oracle Home in the registry in order to handle the unicode text passed into the database? If so, how will the ASP pages determine which oracle home to go to? Thanks!

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    Default You do not need two Oracle homes

    There are a couple different ways to set your nls_language. If this was UNIX you could do it your parameter file, however I&#039;m assuming you are running Oracle on NT so you probably would do it in registry.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not as familiar with the NT side of things, however under UNIX I believe you can set a different language default for each database. I would imagine you could do the same thing and if I were you I would look in your Oracle administrator guide.<BR><BR>Anyways even if you can&#039;t change that setting, you can use an ALTER command to change the language parameter for your session like:<BR><BR>ALTER SESSION SET NLS_LANGUAGE=JAPANESE;<BR><BR>Hope that helps.<BR>Pete<BR>

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