Has anyone ever had this happen?

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Thread: Has anyone ever had this happen?

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    I work through mapping to the drive on the network. <BR><BR>I make changes to an ASP page, I can even delete the ASP file from the server. A "cached" version is displayed no matter what I do. On other machines it functions this way also. This is after I clear my cache on these machines. Restart, shut down, reboot... clearing DNS through DOS. I do just about everything. Wend into IIS and stopped the site, refreshed it, restarted. Any IDEAS?<BR><BR>P.S. - The site was functioning correctly a few days ago.

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    I have had that happen twice to me. I cleared my cache, shutdown the server, etc and it still came up. I think it&#039;s more client-side that server-side. Not sure what it is, because when I came back to work the next day, it was fixed. &#060;shrug&#062;<BR>~~Chaotix

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