Hello all,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got a sql query that I&#039;m just stumped on. I run an internet radio station where by djs submit mixes for air play. Mixes are in rotation for 30 days. I need to determine which "active" djs have only "mixes out of rotation" and have been out of rotation for more than 5 days. A dj must have a new mix in rotation after 5 days from the date the last mix was submitted.<BR><BR>I have the following tables/columns:<BR>1. DJ (hDJ = DJ id, bApproved= 1 or 0, bActive= 1 or 0)<BR>(1 = yes / 0 = no)<BR><BR>2. Mixes (hMix= Mix id, bApproved= 1 or 0, bActive(in rotation) = 1 or 0, dMixDate = date mix was submitted<BR>(1 = yes / 0 = no)<BR><BR>This is what I currently have however it&#039;s not yielding the correct results.<BR><BR>SELECT md.hDJ, FROM metro_dj md, dj_mixes djm where md.hDJ=djm.hDJ and djm.bApproved=1 and djm.bActive=0 and md.bActive=1 and md.bApproved=1 and djm.sMixDate &#060;=&#039;date - 35&#039;<BR>order by md.hDJ asc<BR><BR>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.