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    I&#039;m new to VB.NET and am just getting into formatting Datagrids. It appears that there are all sorts of controls (databind columns, template columns, etc.) and formatting tools (changing a long date into a short date, etc.) one can use when creating datagrid columns, but I can&#039;t seem to find a definitive list of what&#039;s available. Between my Wrox ASP.NET v1 book, MSDN, and Google, I&#039;ve only been able to come up with a few specific examples. <BR><BR>It does sound like I should be using to do this in (since it seems that it does all of this for you) but I won&#039;t have access to that for a week or so and in the interim, I&#039;d like to use DW and get my hands dirty formatting some grids by hand.<BR><BR>Anyone know of a cheat sheet that will get me started on what options are out there?<BR><BR>Also, can anyone give me a brief overview of why one should use a datagrid over traditional ASP (formatting a table on the fly?). While the datagrid seems great to quickly whip up some data on screen, it seems that to do anything overly stylized, one must learn quite a bit of code that just get&#039;s remapped to HTML anyways. I&#039;m probably oversimplifying the abilities of the datagrid, eh?<BR>

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    Default Have you been to...<BR><BR>or<BR><BR><B R><BR>Tons of samples on those sites, and more.<BR><BR>Look especially on the latter under "Toolbox" for the "Tutorials".<BR><BR>

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