Passing data in a resultSet between pages

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Thread: Passing data in a resultSet between pages

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    Default Passing data in a resultSet between pages

    Hi all,<BR><BR><BR><BR>Which is the most effective way of passing data in a result set between two ASP pages ?<BR><BR><BR><BR>TIA <BR>Narsi

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    Default Don't do it...

    Pass the SQL query between the pages and requery in the second page.<BR><BR>REASON: Okay, you show the first page to the user. And then 18 minutes later (or 18 seconds later) he/she finally hits the "NEXT PAGE" button or link or whatever.<BR><BR>If you save all the data in the recordset *in memory* for those 18 minutes you just tied up a valuable resource for a horribly long time. (18 minutes is *forever* on a Web server machine!)<BR><BR>If the user *does* hit the "Next Page" button in only a second or two, depend upon the database to do effective caching of "hot" data. It will *probably* do a better job than you can.<BR><BR>Having said all this...<BR><BR>If you feel you *must* retain the data in memory, then convert the recordset to an array using ADODB.Recordset.GetRows and store the array in a session variable. It&#039;s (a) the most compact form of the recordset and (b) the form that has no threading issues.<BR><BR>

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