I am using IIS index service as a search faciltiy and have got my script working reasonably well, returning refined criteria from the catalog. The only refined criteria I cannot get working is the &#039;search documents containing ALL words&#039;. <BR><BR>I include a sample of my script below which returns results but not refined how they should be.<BR><BR>Can anyone offer any advice on getting this working?<BR><BR>Elseif request.form("boolean") = "all" Then<BR><BR>strQuery = "$contents contains " & target &" OR "<BR><BR>strQuery = strQuery & "(#filename "&target&"*.*) AND (NOT #vpath *_vti*) AND (NOT #vpath *cgi-bin*) AND " &_"(NOT #vpath *IISOrigBackup*) AND (NOT #vpath *scripts*) AND " &_"(NOT #vpath *_private*) AND (NOT #vpath **_vti_cnf)"<BR><BR>Thanks, Mark.