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    Hello.<BR><BR>I wrote a data-tier file that works with SQL Server 2000. It does regular stuff like connecting to the database, calling stored procedures, etc.<BR><BR>Now I wrote it with SQL Server 2000 in mind, but now I just got a project that is going to use Access 2000. My question is that how much of my data-tier file do I have to change.<BR><BR>I read somewhere that all i have to change is the connection string i.e. from<BR><BR>"Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=xxxx.xxxx.xxx;Initial Catalog=xxxx;User ID=xxxx;Password=xxxx;"<BR><BR>to<BR><BR>"Provider =Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);Data Source=xxxx.xxxx.xxx;Initial Catalog=xxxx;User ID=xxxx;Password=xxxx;" (or something similar)<BR>

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    There are some other differences, for example Access uses # ase a datedelimiter and SQL Server &#039;.<BR><BR>This has been asked before, if you do a search in this forum you&#039;ll find some posts.<BR><BR>Have you ever considered MSDE (it&#039;s &#039;desktop&#039; version of SQL Server). <BR>In certain cases you are allowed to redistribute this. MSDE works exactly the same as SQL Server (same engine) but has a limit of 5 concurrent workload batches and 2GB.<BR><BR>Check the microsoft site.

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