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    Hi,<BR><BR> I am a C++ developer. I am starting to learn Active Server<BR>Pages stuff. I have couple of .asp files which posts some data<BR>on a web page. Could somebody explain how to debug a .asp file<BR>(step-by-step) like we do in C++. This might be simple but any <BR>kind of suggestion would be of great help to me.<BR><BR><BR>Thank you in advance,<BR>Reddy

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    BKM for debugging an asp file: Response.write "BOB<BR>"<BR><BR>That&#039s really all there is to it; the goal being to figure out where in your script BOB stops showing up. You can replace BOB with variables which may be causing problems when BOB stops showing up (ie: response.write sqlCmd & "<BR>" -- right before a recordset retrival which is killing your script), or replace BOB with a current timestamp (now()) if you&#039re tracking down a performance drag (response.write now() : call ugly_command(bloat, bloat, bloat) : response.write now()). There may be actual tools to deal with this, but as far as free and integrated goes, the response.write is your best friend for debugging.

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