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    Is there anyway to set up a constraint in one table that involves evaluating data from another table??<BR><BR>this is just a hypothetical:<BR>I have a table (let&#039;s call it Family) with a recursive relationship that stores parent, child and granchild records. Fields would be like :<BR><BR>ID - (pk)<BR>ParentID - (fk to ID)<BR>Type<BR>Name<BR>Addr<BR>etc...<BR><BR>then a linked table (FAM_FRIENDS) that stores info on friends and has a FK to the Family table&#039;s ID. WHat if friends can be related to children and grandchildren but not parents. so in the FAM_Friends table I want to set a constraint on the FK column so that it can include values from Family ID field, except where Type = Parent.<BR><BR>Make sense??<BR>

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    Can&#039;t be done declaratively in T-SQL as neither assertions nor check constraints with subselects are supported. You could write a trigger to check it though.

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