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Thread: multiple bcc recipients using cdonts

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    Default multiple bcc recipients using cdonts

    I need help. I&#039;m trying to create a mailer that will send bcc to multiple recipients. The email addresses are stored in a database table(bccEmail). When the page runs and I pull that value, only the first person receives the email. Nobody after that. the email addresses are seperated by a semicolon. i.e.;;chris@mydomain. com Only joe would get a copy of the email. If I assign the objMailer.bcc to the value in the table -- objMailer.Bcc = ";;chris@mydomain .com", they all receive the email. Can anybody help and explain why this is?. I&#039;ve tried cStr the field, I&#039;ve tried setting quotes around the field, nothing works.<BR><BR>Sample of my code:<BR>objMailer.To=""<BR>objMa iler.Bcc = objRS("bccEmail")<BR>objMailer.Subject=strSubject< BR>objMailer.BodyFormat=intMailFormat<BR>objMailer .MailFormat=intMailFormat<BR>objMailer.Body=strBod y<BR>objMailer.Send

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    Default Donno why it would not work

    try putting it into a variable and seeing if it work....of course check the content of the variable before you do that<BR><BR>

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