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    Hi, <BR><BR>I would like to personalize home page on my website similar to My Yahoo or My MSN. I would appreciate someone can help me with any links or articles regarding this.<BR><BR>thanks in advance...

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    I dont think I understand your question<BR><BR>I also dont think that there&#039;s a magical property that will transform your web site into a personalized one. Think of it this way. I&#039;d like my Ford Taurus to look like a porsche 911 if I only could press a button and voila!!! but unfortunately things aren&#039;t simple like that.<BR><BR>If you want your web site to *personlizable* you must code it so that it will be *personalizable*. Know these are concepts not a property nor a method of some sort of class. <BR><BR>In other words, you&#039;ll need to code it. What are the sections that you are planning to make *interchangeable* ?<BR>Start with that, then create your database so that it will reflect what you want. Remember you want your web site to be customizable (if I understrand your post correctly)<BR><BR>You wont find any links/tutorials on how to create one. You might find example of web applications that are customizable but it may not be exactly want you want. At least it&#039;ll give you a start.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>Sincerely<BR><BR>Vlince<BR><BR>PS:If I didn&#039;t answer your question thats because(and forgive me) I didn&#039;t understand the question :(

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    Default very broad question

    you will need to:<BR>a) have a method to store each user&#039;s preferences. probably a database<BR>b) allow the user to change the look of his site, using forms and ASP pages that read what the user selects in the forms, and uploads it to a database<BR>c) have different "themes" that use different graphics, text, etc. this data probably stored in a database. display the correct "theme" using data from the database to the user.

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