I&#039;m a newbie. I&#039;ve just gotten a DataGrid to display data out of an Access database. Neat. ;o)<BR><BR>So, now I want to do some basic styling of the datagrid. I just want to declare a class to it and style it with CSS. However, for both styling, and accessibility, I&#039;d like the Table the datagrid generates to use TH tags. Is there a way to have the DG do this?<BR><BR>I can use a &#060;headerstyle&#062; to stylize the first TR, but that still keeps the fields as TD tags. It also means I need to declare the style (or at least reference the style) inline instead of just declaring a style to the grid overall.<BR><BR>Also, if anyone has a good reference site/book of all the DataGrid control elements, it would be appreciated. I&#039;m finding the DataGrid to be great in concept, but having to learn a whole new set of tags/code that then map to HTML to create a table seems a bit backwards to me.