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    Hello, this ain&#039;t strictly aso, but I am sure there are some oof you who will be able to help me out.<BR><BR>I am writing a vb component that uses FolderExists method of FileSystemObject. No problems with that. <BR><BR>Running the component on my workstation, the user is my local account. If the component calls FolderExists on a directory that my local user account doesn&#039;t have access to, the routine fails.<BR><BR>So I have another user account that I want this component to run under.<BR><BR>How would you go about doing this?<BR><BR>TIA

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    Default Probably can't...

    If the account you run under is an admin level account, then you can ask to switch users to a user account (with lower priveleges). But if the existing user account hasn&#039;t been granted user-switch privileges you can&#039;t do it.<BR><BR>Of course, if the account you run under is admin level, then you probably wouldn&#039;t need to switch to a lower level user (though there are good reasons for doing so: you might want to ensure that you are running as a use that doesn&#039;t have permission to format drives or whatever).<BR><BR>

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