Hi all, this may be asking the impossible but I’ll let you decide…<BR><BR>I want to use windows authentication so internal users are automatically logged in and their passwords are managed by the domain<BR>I also want outsiders to be able to log in to the same application using forms authentication<BR><BR>One idea is to have a Forms authenticated application which automatically authenticates windows recognised users in Global.asax.cs&#039;s Session_Start or Application_PreRequestHandlerExecute. The problem with this is the User.Identity.Name is blank and I can&#039;t tell if a user has windows access or not.<BR><BR>Another idea is to use windows authentication with unauthenticated users allowed - unfortunately all users then come in anonymously.<BR><BR>For both situations there&#039;s no way of distinguishing between internal and external users<BR><BR>I guess the solution would be a ‘keep me logged in’ option but it’s not quite the same<BR><BR>Any clues will be gratefully received<BR><BR>Thanks, James