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    Hi All <BR>I was wondering what is the best datatypes for the following.<BR><BR>50 character text&number combination?<BR><BR>10,000 character text&number combination?<BR><BR>url?<BR><BR>What is ntext?<BR><BR>Does SQL Server have information on this, I couldnt find any with in the program? Where do I get further information on Data types?

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    &#062;&#062; 50 character text&number combination?<BR>&#062;&#062; Url<BR><BR>If the length of the text is expected to be roughly the same use CHAR(50), if it varies a lot use VARCHAR(50)<BR><BR>&#062;&#062; 10,000 character text&number combination<BR><BR>text (or Ntext for unicode)<BR><BR>See &#039;Books Online&#039; it should be in your startmenu under the SQL Server map.

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