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    Hi,<BR>i am using win2000 operating system and i installed iis in it and it is working properly. my question is when we store our asp pages in a folder and save that folder in inetpub/wwwroot directory, is it compulsory to share folder with asp pages? if yes what type of sharing means normal sharing of networking or web sharing? please give me information about it as i am facing problem to execute the page when it is doing some updations in database. i need the answer soon very soon.<BR>thanks <BR>dawood khan...

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    Default Ummm.... What?

    What do you mean?<BR><BR>If you mean regular network sharing, you have to set that manually, the traditional way. If you mean to set it up as a web, you set that up in IIS or PWS...<BR><BR>Not sure I understand what you are actually asking tho...

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