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    I&#039;m not expert in Oracle. I&#039;m little bit confused about therow and rowid in following query. I would appreciate if you could explain the query. Thanks<BR><BR>Cursor SALE_MTD Is<BR> Select a.rowid therow from SALES_DTL a<BR> where SA_DATE = sdate<BR> and COMPANY = &#039;D&#039;;<BR><BR>For Cr in SALE_MTD Loop<BR>:<BR>:<BR> counter:=counter + 1;<BR> Update SALE_DTL<BR> Set COMPLETED = &#039;Y&#039;<BR> Where rowid = Cr.therow;<BR>:<BR>:<BR> If mod(counter,25) = 0 then<BR> commit;<BR> End If<BR><BR>End Loop;

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    Each row in a table has a unique adresss. The pseudocolumn ROWID contains that value and can thus be used to uniquely identify a record in a table. therow is an alias, it just renames the column in the result. <BR><BR>What the query does is to update all rows that fulfil the criteria in the cursor definition. The updated is divided into different transactions each containing 25 updates. <BR><BR>This last precaution is probably to avoid getting a large rollback log. Using 25 seems to me very low. Unless there is a very large amount of data that will be update I would try doing it with one update statement instead.<BR>

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