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    Kyoeun Guest

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    This is in response to Ryan S.&#039s articles on messaging.<BR>I don&#039t like the idea that each user will hit the database every 30 seconds to check for new messages and new buddies online. <BR>Is there a way for the server to initiate a page refresh on the user&#039s computer when a new message appears? Either by ASP or any other technology? Must all actions be initiated by the mouse clicks and keyboard of the user? <BR><BR>Also, what are dll&#039s and how does it help this matter?<BR><BR>-K

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    Ryan S Guest

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    Hey K,<BR><BR> I understand your apprehension for hitting the DB every 30 seconds, that would of course make a logistical nightmare. However, because Client/Server interaction is stateless, there&#039s nothing you can really do to modify the client headers. An option, which I haven&#039t experimented with, is to not close the Response buffer, by perhaps iterating through a loop, and checking an application flag that is equal to the user name/ID, and when that is fired, to use a response.write, and continue in the loop in this manner. However, eventually the client will close the stream, which is rather unfortunate.<BR><BR>God bless<BR> Ryan

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