hi,<BR>i have two questions.<BR>i like to create a server component out of my user control.<BR>my user control is located i a separate folder.<BR>the folder contains the main ascx file plus some other aspx files, xml files and setup files.<BR><BR>first question: when i create an instance of my user control.<BR>how can i get the folder where my user control is located.<BR>i.e:<BR>someone copies all the files to his/her server<BR>i.e. C:localhostmypageusercontrol<BR>the path of the page that registers the usercontrol is <BR>i.e. C:localhostmypagewebform1.aspx<BR><BR>how can i get the path of my user control without hard coding the path, because someone else may use a path like<BR>i.e. C:localhostmypagesomefolderusercontrol<BR>and likes to use it in the file<BR>i.e. C:localhostmypagecataloguewebform1.aspx<BR><BR>que stion 2:<BR>can i create a compiled server component out of the ascx file<BR>that also includes my popup aspx files that i use in my control.<BR>or<BR>can i create a server component that consists of more than one ascx or aspx files.<BR><BR>thanks a lot<BR>alex<BR>