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    &nbsp;<BR><BR>Can some one tell me why this query string would not return a record while it does work fine in Access query builder.<BR><BR> strSQL = "SELECT [tblRates].[Rate], [tblRoomType].[RoomType], [tblRoomType].[RoomTypeDesc]" &_<BR> "FROM ((tblHolidayPeriod INNER JOIN tblRates ON [tblHolidayPeriod].[holidayPeriodID]=[tblRates].[holidayPeriodID])" &_<BR> "INNER JOIN tblRoomSize ON [tblRates].[roomSizeID]=[tblRoomSize].[roomSizeID]) " &_<BR> "INNER JOIN tblRoomType ON [tblRates].[roomTypeID]=[tblRoomType].[roomTypeID] " &_<BR> "WHERE ((([tblHolidayPeriod].[startDate])&#060;=CDate(3/22/2003)) And (([tblHolidayPeriod].[endDate])&#062;=CDate(3/22/2003))) " &_<BR> "AND [tblRoomSize].[RoomSizeID]=1 "<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Sharjeel<BR>

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    Try without the brackets:<BR>

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