iam a beginner in asp doing my project. i need help in calling parameterised oracle procedure through asp. <BR><BR>please find the sample oracle procedure & table structure given below<BR><BR> create or replace procedure pro( v_empno in number,<BR> v_ename out varchar2) as<BR> begin<BR> select ename<BR> into v_ename<BR> from emp<BR> where empno = v_empno;<BR> end; <BR> <BR><BR>SQL&#062; desc emp<BR> Name Null? Type<BR> ------------------------------- -------- ----<BR> EMPNO NOT NULL NUMBER(4)<BR> ENAME VARCHAR2(10)<BR> JOB VARCHAR2(9)<BR> MGR NUMBER(4)<BR> HIREDATE DATE<BR> SAL NUMBER(7,2)<BR> COMM NUMBER(7,2)<BR> DEPTNO NUMBER(2)<BR><BR>here iam getting ename as out put parameter,if i pass empno as input parameter in pl/sql.<BR><BR>please let me know how to do this through ASP .<BR>my project is struck because of this.